Beginner Pilates Classes

Beginner Pilates Classes


My beginner Pilates classes have come to South Devon!

  • Are you a Beginner? Have you thought about trying pilates or yoga before but worried about being a beginner going to a new place where you don’t know anyone?
  • Are you worried that everyone else will know what they are doing and you’ll be left behind?
  • Are you worried that you won’t be able to do some of the exercises?

This is why at Elite Pilates Services we offer small exclusive Beginners Sessions, which are ideal for you to discover more about Pilates and Yoga and the benefits!

You’ll also discover that it’s OKAY to stop and have a rest or to ask questions!!! (we love interactive classes!).

If your answer is YES then our specialised Beginner Pilates Classes, here at Elite Pilates Services, will provide you with a good foundation to start your journey with. We have the best top rated instructors (we are also a training College in South Devon), who are able to offer modifications and alternative exercises to suit your own ability, so YOUR own individual needs will be cared for.

If this sounds like you then Elite Pilates Services, can offer the best deal on classes near you.

Pilates dramatically and rapidly improves strength, flexibility, and posture!

So take action NOW to help yourself move and feel better!

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