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Small group classes in Pilates are ideal for beginners, and if you are suffering with stress, anxiety or depression and need something that will help you feel better, mentally and physically. Then smaller sized classes may be for you.

Studio Small Group Classes – Newton Abbot

Classes are supervised by one of our highly qualified Pilates instructors. This is our master Trainers , myself and Paul.  Sessions are shared with a maximum of only 11 other participants, giving you personal attention. You will get a good Pilates core workout, and alot of personal attention.

At the studio we have access and use of :- Pilates reformer machine; bands, blocks, rollers, weights, magic circles etc This is not available out in the community.

Group Classes near you – PilatesTorquay- Pilates Paignton & Pilates Plymouth

Out and about in your community the classes may be larger – they may even be small (initially). The Instructors are all fully qualified – and taught by us. We are a Pilates Teacher Training College

Out in the community it is basically a Mat only Pilates group classes! This is reflrcted in the budget pricing of these classes.


Pilates is an extremely effective exercise method.  You will  improve the strength of the deep abdominals, abs and lower spine; strengthen your core , and improve your posture. It has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress and bring about a feeling of wellbeing.

Our Pilates fitness studio is aimed at those looking for a more individually targeted workout utilising all of the standard Pilates equipment, including:  foam rollers, magic circles, resistance bands, hand weights, weighted balls, and other small props. This all helps in making small improvements in the strength of the deep abdominals, lower spine and core stability,

 You need to attend  Pilates group classes led by a qualified instructor who understands any condition you may have, knows how to offer modifications, adaptations, progressions and gives simple clear instructions to suit your own ability within a group environment. Not every provider has the skill base to offer this.

We offer small group classes near you in Newton Abbot FREE parking! (other community classes in Torquay, Paignton and Plymouth where we can offer great deals ).

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