Membership is the way forward if you want to see real progress, and actually meet your goals, rather than abandon them like some new Years resolution! Commit and invest in yourself.

Clink on the link to look over our timetable for Pilates (yoga) classes in Newton Abbot.


4 sessions




8 sessions per month


There are other more packages available should you wish to attend more that 8 sessions per month.  You can access these by visiting our online booking platform >




From the beginning, making Pilates accessible to people to improve movement and health has been a priority for me. A flexible class timetable allows you to do this with our memberships, which gives you complete control over what classes you want to attend and how many.

Choose the best value Studio Pilates membership package according to how often and how regularly you practice at Elite Pilates. A highly qualified teacher is always on hand to provide friendly guidance, support and encouragement.

We want to encourage our clients to commit to their practice and their own bodies, as this is the only way to achieve your goals and FEEL how your sessions are helping you, which is why we do not offer pay as you go.

We pride ourselves in being as flexible as we can, as we understand that life does not work in set patterns. Therefore our packages have been designed to provide you with the freedom to pick and choose whatever classes you want and booking them in advance on our line booking system Pike13.

We offer a variety of packages depending on your goals and your needs and these range from £48 per month to £106 per month for the classes at the studio,  led by Master Teachers Tanja and Paul.

Included in your package at the studio:

  • FREE PARKING!!! (and plenty of spaces!).
  • CARRY OVER UNUSED CLASSES to the following month – the amount you can carry over depends on what package you’re on.
  • NO CONTRACTS!!!! You can cancel at any time before the next billing date*
  • SMALL CLASSES – no more than 12 clients per class. This provides you with a more personal service where we can assist each and every person during your time with us.
  • ALL YEAR ROUND – We do not stop at all throughout the summer holidays and we reduce the classes over Christmas.
  • BANK HOLIDAYS – We are open in the mornings on most Bank Holidays (sometimes we like a day off!!)
  • We MAY close for a week at some point during the year to give us a week off, however, we will do our utmost to try and get cover for some classes to try and keep the studio open.



*A month is from the 1st day to the last day of the month. Payments are made online and come out automatically from your card on the 1st of every month. Any cancellations need to be made via a member of staff 1 WEEK before the next billing date.


Torquay / Paignton / Plymouth


You have two options to choose from for the community classes.  You can either do a pay monthly, which is cheaper OR you can choose a block pass for more flexibility.   The choice is Yours!!


4 sessions per month

Torbay £26pm

Plymouth £29pm



4 Sessions to use in 6 weeks

Torbay £32

Plymouth £35

Pilates Classes Near You Membership

Our community Classes which are currently held in Torquay, Paignton and Plymouth offer a discounted monthly membership or a more flexible 4 week block pass. Our community page has our current class timetable and package options.  For those on the monthly memberships, you will have the opportunity of carrying over up to 1 unused class per month, which you’ll be able to use the following month.

Our community classes will run throughout the year, same as the studio, but we are influenced by venue schedules etc so we we endeavour to only use venues where we can offer the classes throughout the whole year!!!!  We do not believe in helping you get stronger and fitter, and progress in your practice to only stop for 6 weeks!!   The only times we may close are bank holidays and a week at Christmas.


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