We offer rolling monthly packages, which you can cancel at anytime, so there are NO contracts.  Our memberships are there to help you to see and feel real progress.  Since changing to this format we have noticed how consistent and regular practice can make such a huge difference to you.

When you are more committed to achieving your goals by paying up front it encourages you to make up your missed sessions (rather than just miss a week) as our timetable is super flexible.

Once you register you’ll have the choice of how many classes you want to attend per month and these classes credits are yours to use as you wish throughout the month. For example:  if you’re going away one week you can go to more classes in another week 🙂

You’re not committed to any one class and you’re free to pick and choose to suit your schedule!  All your classes are booked online in advance.  An extra bonus is that you will also be able to carry over some sessions to the following month should you have any left.  How many will depend on which package you choose 🙂

Below are our most popular options – however if you’re super keen and you want results fast you will find more options online HERE.

We offer FREE Pilates & Yoga taster sessions so all you need to do is click on the link to book your free space 🙂


4 sessions




8 sessions per month


Included in your package at the studio:

  • FREE PARKING!!! (and plenty of spaces!)
  • ROLL OVER UNUSED CLASSES to the following month – the amount you can carry over depends on what package you’re on.
  • NO CONTRACTS!!!! You can cancel at any time before the next billing date*
  • SMALL CLASSES – no more than 12 clients per class. This provides you with a more personal service where we can assist each and every person during your time with us.
  • ALL YEAR ROUND – We do not stop at all throughout the summer holidays and we reduce the classes over Christmas.
  • BANK HOLIDAYS – We are open in the mornings on most Bank Holidays (sometimes we like a day off!!)
  • We MAY close for a week at some point during the year to give us a week off, however, we will do our utmost to try and get cover for some classes to try and keep the studio open.



*A month is from the 1st day to the last day of the month. Payments are made online and come out automatically from your card on the 1st of every month. Any cancellations need to be made by emailing  No refund will be issued after this time, as we incur refund charges.  You will, of course, have full access to all your classes and your account will be stopped as of the end of the month.


To claim your FREE Pilates class simply click on the button below and enter your details.