Specialist Classes


Our Yoga classes cater for REAL people. Our Hatha Yoga classes or Yin Yoga classes are both (relatively) easy or simpler than Ashtanga Yoga. Whilst this is a specialised class it is suitable for the beginner student. If you think you’re not bendy enough or can’t stand on your head then we, here at Elite Pilates, offer the right classes for you!

Our classes are focused on serving people with real bodies, with real issues and not on splits or back bends!

Our yoga classes are suitable for all abilities from novice beginners to more advanced, as the qualified instructor will be able to provide you with modifications and alternative exercises to suit your needs.

Discover that Yoga is not as woo-woo as people think and you’ll love the time you get to think and focus on yourself, to become more mindful, less stressed, worried or anxious.

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Stretch & Tone
As you would guess this class specialises in flexibility.

Are you looking to improve your flexibility and strength, without jumping around?

This class is a fabulous yoga inspired choreographed class and you’ll soon notice improvements as you get stronger and more supple!

And.. you’ll still glow and feel like you’ve had a good workout!

If you’ve tried PiYo before and found it too hard then this is the ideal class as it’s not as intense, but you still get the results!

This is not for the faint-hearted! Imagine Yoga and Pilates on Red Bull or other energy drink! Though you will need a gatorade or lucozade afterward!

Enjoy a low impact, intense cardio fitness workout that will leave your body stronger, fitter, more flexible  and more toned than ever!

PS You will definitely need a towel for this one!

HIT Pilates
Are you looking for a great Fat-Loss exercise class that will also build your cardio fitness!

Short fast and hard workouts are the best way to burn fat!

These sessions are 45 minutes for a quick and effective workout.

You will need trainers and determination for this class, but the results are worth it!

(This class is NOT suitable if you have any joint/knee issues)

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