Pilates Beginner Classes Torquay

Pilates (Beginner) Classes Torquay


My Pilates beginner classes Torquay  has come to Torbay. Suitable for beginner and advanced! My aim is to provide an environment where everyone involved is able to gain the best benefit from taking part in this fitness class.  In order to enable all those who participate in Pilates classes to feel confident in their own ability and progress, we offer beginner classes. If our classes in Torquay aren’t near to you, check out our other Torbay group beginner classes in Paignton.

Pilates beginner classes Torquay

Pilates beginner classes Torquay

At my Pilates classes Torquay, situated next to Torquay FC ground. We boast hassle FREE parking. The car park is right next to our entrance! No long walk from your car – as we want you to do your fitness workout in our fabulous dance / yoga studio. Dance your way through a spine healthy exercise routine in our beginner exercise class.

Discover the benefits of Pilates for yourself.

  • strengthen the core – rediscover your abs
  • help ease low back pain, neck pain
  • Improve spine health, develop a more flexible spine
  • improve your posture, have the pose of a ballet dancer (well we can try)
  • increase your fitness and endurance levels
  • wellness, peace and reduce stress levels


Dance Studio, Spires College Hall, Westlands Lane, Torquay, TQ1 3PE (Next to Torquay United FC football field)  Mondays 7:15pm with Rebecca Tuesdays 7:00pm with Ali CLICK HERE TO BOOK


If you would like to join either Paignton or Torquay classes there are two options you can choose from. Option 1 Torbay Community Block Pass – 4 Classes for £32 to be used within 6 weeks.

  • Register here at https://elitepilates.pike.13.com
  • Can only book your classes for the period the pass is valid
  • Block passes are purchased manually each time pass has expired
  • Once the pass has expired, any remaining sessions are non-refundable / non-transferrable

OR Option 2 Torbay Community Monthly Pass – £26per month for 4 classes.

  • Payments are taken automatically on the 1st of every month.
  • No contract.  You can cancel at any time before the next billing date.
  • Register here at https://elitepilates.pike.13.com
  • These classes can be used at ANY of our community classes in Torbay and you can chop and change to fit your schedule so that you don’t miss any sessions.
  • You can carry over 1 session per month, should you not be able to use them all in one month.
  • You can book as far in advance as you wish.

All of our Instructors have obtained a YMCA Diploma certified Pilates instructor training, and are qualified to teach group classes from beginners up to and including advanced Pilates. Not every teacher out there are, in fact not many of them are! So you can rest assured that you have professional and fully trained and certified instructors teaching you they Joseph Pilates method! (The English Riviera Torquay is a lovely place to work, live, play and practice Pilates!. Check out the Torquay Tourist Information here)

Pilates Beginner Classes Torquay

Pilates Beginner Classes Torquay

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