Private Sessions Personal Training Pilates (Reformer)

Personal Training Pilates Reformer

Private tuition –  personal training on the Pilates reformer machine, is for anyone who wants to take advantage of an entirely bespoke programme.

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Personal Training Pilates (Reformer)

If you suffered with low back or neck pain for a long time and your NHS doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor has advised that you need to do pilates, then this is best for you.

Are you worried, anxious or stressed and need to build confidence before joining your group fitness class?

Do you need a tailor made program to build your strength and flexibility for a specific event like golfing or running or following an injury?

Personal Training Pilates Reformer

Personal Training Pilates Reformer

You are, of course, more than welcome to meet and chat to us prior to signing up for any sessions. This will help us work out which of our instructors will be best suited to you.

If your answer is YES then our private sessions at Elite Pilates Services Studio will be exactly what you need.

We offer personal training on the Pilates reformer machine sessions (or mat based work using the Pilates magic circle, bands or roller), which improve your strength and technique much quicker so you’ll notice the difference in fitness, movement, strength and posture quickly. 

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