Success Stories
A friend recommended it to me as she knew I was interested in Pilates.
I was slightly worried about going to somewhere new and that I was going alone and didn’t know anyone.

I was really impressed about how Tanya explained the moves well and said the reason for these exercises, also giving easier or more challenging ways doing them. She also explained how certain exercises might help certain problems.

She was very concerned about anyone who had any issues that might find things more challenging, always checking everyone was okay with things.

Success Stories - Jean Patterson

Beginner Course

Success stories or ttestimonials allows you to see what people are saying about the changes in their bodies and lives, since starting Pilates.with Elite Pilates.

Success Stories
I’ve had Long standing lower back issues following disc surgery many years ago. At first, I was uncertain about whether I would be able to do reformer exercises and whether or not I would enjoy them.

BUT they are just brilliant. Paul is a great coach and has got me doing things that I never thought I would be able to. I love the technical detail of the exercises and the fact that you can see and feel the differences in how muscle groups cope with the new demands.

In the time I’ve been having sessions with Paul I have achieved a massive increase in lower back flexibility and hamstrings are much more stretchy!!!

Success Stories - Sarah Barr

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