So You Think Classical Pilates is for Girls?

At Elite Pilates we have instructors who favour different approaches towards their style of instructing in Pilates. Paul prefers Josephs original style. For him, the Jewel in the Crown is the Classical mat work.

So here is a list I thought you might enjoy of those original 34 mat work movements, as featured in the order Joseph Pilates presents them in his book Return to Life Through Contrology.

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The Classical Pilates Mat Exercises


Roll Up

Roll Over

One Leg Circle

Rolling Back (rolling like a ball)

One Leg Stretch

Elite Pilates Teacher Training South West UK

Classical – Single Leg Stretch


Double Leg Stretch

Spine Stretch

Rocker with Open Legs

Elite Pilates Teacher Training South West UK

Classical Open Leg Rocker





One Leg Kick

Double Leg Kick

Neck Pull



Elite Pilates Teacher Training UK Classical Pilates bicycling, Joseph Pilates original Classic routine

Elite Pilates Teacher Training Instructor Demonstrates Bicycling


Shoulder Bridge

Spine Twist

Jack Knife

Side Kick


Hip Twist


Leg Pull – Front

Leg Pull

Side Kick Kneeling

Side Bend





Control Balance

Push Up




The ever iconic Classical Move – The Teaser or is it?


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PS So which Classical movement do you #love or loathe?

Lots of #love Paul & Tanja xxx