Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Anything that is comfortable!   We are not about Lululemon or how fancy you look!    Wear whatever is comfortable and non-restrictive.    You don’t want anything with buttons or zips on the sides or back.  AND you want to do the ‘bend over test’!   Put your leggings on and go to a mirror and bend over!  Many of the leggings nowadays are see-through!    You also want to make sure you’re wearing a decent bra and be aware of baggy necklines as we do all fours positions and the person opposite you may not (or might enjoy) a face full of boob!

If you’re a male, be mindful of things falling out of your pants!   If your shorts are baggy consider wearing cycling shorts or longer shorts!

Where do I park?

The good news is that there is plenty of FREE parking!

When you arrive at our studio you have the option of parking at the top car park, where the gate is OR you can drive down the lane and PARK ON THE LEFT.     If your driving skills are not great, then park at the top as there is big enough space to turn around.   

Please do NOT go past the wooden gate next to our studio doors as it is private property.   (There is a sign to inform you).

I've got XYZ medical condition, can I still do the classes?

9/10 times you’ll be perfectly fine to join our classes.    There are occasions where a 121 private session might be suitable first to assess your suitability for a class, if you have more than one (or two) conditions to take into consideration.     

If in doubt ALWAYS ASK YOUR DOCTOR if you can exercise.


Should I do Pilates or Yoga?

As most of our clients have some sort of medical condition that needs to taken into consideration and many of our clients are over 50, we highly recommend PILATES over Yoga.   

Pilates is more easily adaptable and there is far less on wrist and knees than in a pilates class.   

Pilates also addresses all those issues that come with getting older, such as mobility, posture, balance and overall strength.   

However, if you don’t have joint issues and you’re relatively mobile then our yoga classes will be suitable as we teach slow-paced gentle yoga!  

Enjoy the best of both worlds!

I've never done any exercise before, can I join?

Most certainly YES! 

Our classes are taught in such a way that it’s all about movement (aka you’re just moving your body – not running a marathon!).   We offer a variety of adaptations within the class so everyone can choose what is best for them, as one size does NOT fit all and we’re all about helping you get into the most appropriate position for you – not forcing your body into a position that will hurt you.  

We all have different bodies and you’ll find each of our clients doing something different depending what their body needs!

Can I do pay as you?

There’s no option to do pay-as-you-go, at our studio.    As you can appreciate, we’re a small studio and extremely busy, which means we need to ensure all our mats are booked in advance.   From our experience, those who commit to a regular practice are the ones who achieve their goals and reap the rewards of a consistent practice.    Those that attend a class adhoc often complain that “Pilates/Yoga didn’t help me”.   Therefore we choose to work only with those who are committed to their health and wellbeing.

There are options to put your membership on hold or for the reformer & tower classes you can also purchase a block pass, which offers you more flexibility.

The best part is that there are FREE taster slots, which you are welcome to book so that you can “try before you buy” and there’s also an introductory offer available for those that come along to free tasters 🙂

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