Pilates Beginner Classes Paignton

Beginners Pilates Class Paignton 



Pilates Paignton (Torbay)

We are delighted to now have a Pilates class in Paignton Community and Sports Academy, Waterleat Road near the zoo.

Our aim is to provide a relaxed, safe and enjoyable environment where can work at your own ability, with your own body and issues, without being judged.  Our Pilates classes are designed to help you to:

  • reduce aches and pains,
  • improve your joint mobility
  • increase your range of motion
  • stretch your body after working all day
  • improve your posture and your awareness
  • reduce stress and anxiety

AND our clients are always very happy when they can finally touch their toes!

We love helping all abilities and encourage everyone to give the Beginner Pilates Class a go especially those of you that would love to try it, but are worried that you’re not fit enough / strong enough / etc (everyone thinks the same thing).  Our teachers are specially trained to help make the pilates exercises adaptable to most people…

If our Pilates class Paignton isn’t near to you, check out our other Torbay group beginner classes in Torquay. 

At our Pilates classes in Paignton, we have plenty of FREE parking. The car park is right next to our entrance! No long walk from your car – as we want you to do your fitness workout with us. Dance your way through a spine healthy exercise routine in our Pilates beginner class.

We currently only have one class on a Thursday at 6:45pm at Paignton Community and Sports Academy.  If you would like to join us for a FREE taster class then CONTACT US to get you all booked in, alternatively, you can book straight away below.

(Why not take a look at your other venue options if you live: –  Torquay Bovey Tracey Chudleigh Teignmouth Exeter Torbay  Plymouth Teignmouth Bishopsteignton Kingskerswell Shaldon Abbotskerswell Paignton  or anywhere in the South Devon area come and give Pilates & Yoga a try!)

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Torbay Monthly

4 Classes per month

£29per month

See HERE for more info and T&C’s

Torbay Monthly

6 Classes per month

£39per month

See HERE for more info and T&C’s

Torbay Monthly

8 Classes per month

£48per month

See HERE for more info and T&C’s

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