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Pilates Teignmouth Shaldon 

Pilates Teignmouth

Beginners Pilates in Teignmouth

Pilates in Teignmouth

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Elite Pilates & Yoga Classes – Teignmouth Shaldon


Our Pilates & Yoga Studio is within easy reach of Shaldon (Teignmouth) area of South Devon.

Beginners Pilates group Classes – Newton Abbot Studio

We regularly run beginner pilates group classes at the studio.


Beginners Yoga group Classes – Newton Abbot Studio

We also run yoga classes aimed at beginners, new to the world of Yoga. The style of yoga that we practice at the yoga studio is hatha yoga.


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Just a short distance from Elite Pilates & Yoga studio South Devon. Pilates near me Yoga near me Gym near me is not too far away from you. Contact Us Now  



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