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How Improving Your Riding helps your Horse


Improve your posture, balance, alignment and positional awareness in the saddle. Pilates does not focus on the core, it ‘focuses’ on the whole body, the entire person, this facilitates an optimal riding experience for you and horse.

You will find, as an equestrian that ‘does’ Pilates, is that your horse will also benefit from your improved movement.

Riding is an excellent sport and activity; that is demanding on the body, and our ability to control it. Joseph Pilates named his system of movements ‘Contrology’, which best sums up what it is that Riders are endeavoring to do – control of the body.

Pilates works on balance, stability and body awareness. The goals of Pilates are often identical to what dressage riders are trying to achieve. One of the main benefits for riders is an increased and more honed, spatial awareness – proprioception. Pilates will result in you being more able to absorb a horse’s movement.

Increased proprioception helps us better control the body and become more aware of our bodies and its movements; but more so, it helps us to better respond to sudden movements of the horse.

Being balanced and in control of ourselves, transmits to the horse; who will better understand what it is you expect of them. No more frustration that your horse won’t respond to your commands.

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