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If you have had a tough time, rushed off your feet, and been going 100mph for ages then Restorative Yoga will be perfect to help you stop and find a place of stillness and calmness.


We use lots of equipment to support every part of your body so that when you’re in a pose ALL your muscles are relaxed and this is a beautiful way to help release tension and stress from your nervous system and body.


This is such a wonderful way to give yourself some time away from the chaos of your life and just do something for YOU!


These extended classes are 2hrs and afterward we’ll enjoy some nibbles and refreshments for only £25 pp.


Although Yin Yoga and Restorative may look the same from the outside, they are indeed very different.  Yin Yoga comes from a Chinese lineage and is based on three principles namely, time, effort, and stillness.


Unlike Restorative, Yin Yoga seeks a small amount of sensation and the focus is the gradual improvement of flexibility, focusing on releasing the connective tissues and nourishing the joints.


Yin is also very calming for the nervous system and helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension.


These extended classes are 2hrs followed by nibbles and refreshments for only £25 pp.

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