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Discover how Pilates & Yoga can help you to MOVE BETTER & FEEL BETTER

Are you…….. ?

  • Suffering with back ache and nothing seems to help
  • Having constant issues with your neck and shoulders
  • Maybe you’ve been advised by the doctor to do it
  • Perhaps you’re starting to seize up and become less mobile and feeling “old”
  • Really stressed and anxious because life is just sometimes that way
  • Do you just want to try something that’s isn’t impactive and stressful on your joints, but still effective?

You can make a change to your body and your life TODAY.   FEEL BETTER within 4-6 weeks (if not sooner!).

Within the first 6 weeks you’ll begin to notice:

  • Your body feels less stiff and more mobile (you feel younger!)
  • You’re moving with more ease and less discomfort
  • The back pain has started to dull (and we’ve had clients who’s back pain has completely gone!)
  • Your posture is improving as you become more aware of your everyday habits and how this can affect you as you get older
  • You’re feeling stronger and in more control
  • You’re feeling calmer and more relaxed as you learn new ways of using the breath to help relieve stress and anxiety

Why wait any longer to MOVE BETTER & FEEL BETTER?

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Top Video – Equestrian Pilates (Horse Pilates)


How to Improve Your Riding Posture

Just watch the top dressage riders in action. Its as if they hardly move during their routine, any movement appears effortless and ‘still’.  Their positioning is brought about by having a great deal of control over their bodies. That is to say, they have very good posture.

Watch this video on horse rider Pilates exercise, that will improve your horse riding dressage skills.

Elite Pilates Services - Quality Classes in Newton Abbot, Plymouth & Torquay

video od success stories with caption - Elite Pilates Services - Quality Classes in Newton Abbot, Plymouth & Torquay

When I started with you both over two years ago I was starting my recovery of my slipped disk.

You are both so warm in your approach and have taught me masses in the world of Pilates, yoga, well-being and taking care of me.  Your studio is best in the west (as far as I am concerned!) and I will always point others in your direction.  Thank you so so much for doing what you do to a standard that I had no idea that existed from an instructor.

Heather Paget

A friend recommended it to me as she knew I was interested in Pilates.
I was slightly worried about going to somewhere new and that I was going alone and didn’t know anyone.

I was really impressed about how Tanya explained the moves well and said the reason for these exercises, also giving easier or more challenging ways doing them. She also explained how certain exercises might help certain problems.

She was very concerned about anyone who had any issues that might find things more challenging, always checking everyone was okay with things.

Jean Patterson

Beginner Course

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