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Are you…….. ?



  • Suffering with back ache and nothing seems to help
  • Pilates is often recommended by Chiropractors
  • Having constant issues with your neck and shoulders
  • Maybe you’ve been advised by the doctor to do it
  • Perhaps you’re starting to seize up and become less mobile and feeling “old”
  • Really stressed and anxious because life is just sometimes that way
  • Do you just want to try something that’s isn’t impactive and stressful on your joints, but still effective?

You can make a change to your body and your life TODAY.   FEEL BETTER within 4-6 weeks (if not sooner!).


Within the first 6 weeks you’ll begin to notice:

  • Your body feels less stiff and more mobile (you feel younger!)
  • You’re moving with more ease and less discomfort
  • The back pain has started to dull (and we’ve had clients who’s back pain has completely gone!)
  • Your posture is improving as you become more aware of your everyday habits and how this can affect you as you get older
  • You’re feeling stronger and in more control
  • You’re feeling calmer and more relaxed as you learn new ways of using the breath to help relieve stress and anxiety


Why wait any longer to MOVE BETTER & FEEL BETTER?

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Testimonials and Success Stories


Pilates & Yoga success stories and testimonials from our studio clients.

When I started I had Aa few aches and pains and not as flexible as I wanted to be. Elite Pilaes is fantastic, near me, and a really friendly place.  Now my flexibility is so much better AND I can play on the floor with grandchildren and get up again easily.  I’ve made lots of friends and really look forward to going to my sessions! 

Tina Butterworth 61


I’ve been doing regular Pilates with Tanja and Paul for about 7 years now.  It’s really great, it’s friendly and very supportive.  It’s great that even after 7 years I’m still enjoying continued strength and improving my flexibility and the best of all is all the friendships I’ve made with the other members.

Lynne Blackmore 61

Kingskerswell (Torquay)

I’ve been with Elite Pilates for about 5 years now and before coming I had confidence, I was very unfit and couldn’t bend over without aches.  I was worried in case I couldn’t do it and no confidence going somewhere new on my own.

NOW, it’s like my second family I don’t know how I managed before. It has transformed my life completely, no more anxiety, I have Elite Pilates to thank for that.

What I’ve gained the most is the improvement with my mental wellbeing, as I suffered from anxiety rather badly.   If I miss classes for a week I can’t wait to get back it’s just so calm as soon as you walk in the studio.  Pilates near me. My fitness and strength have improved so much. So much so I can put beat my teenage grandchildren at certain challenges!!

Carole Burrows, 64

Newton Abbot (Kingsteignton)

When I started with you both over two years ago I was starting my recovery of my slipped disk.

You are both so warm in your approach and have taught me masses in the world of Pilates, yoga, well-being and taking care of me.  Your studio is best in the west (as far as I am concerned!) and I will always point others in your direction.  Thank you so so much for doing what you do to a standard that I had no idea that existed from an instructor.(Bovey Tracey)

Heather Paget

A friend recommended it to me as she knew I was interested in Pilates.
I was slightly worried about going to somewhere new and that I was going alone and didn’t know anyone.

I was really impressed about how Tanya explained the moves well and said the reason for these exercises, also giving easier or more challenging ways doing them. She also explained how certain exercises might help certain problems.

She was very concerned about anyone who had any issues that might find things more challenging, always checking everyone was okay with things.

Jean Patterson

Newton Abbot (Kingsteignton)

I was looking for pilates near me Bovey Tracey. The reason I started Pilates is that I have a slipped disc in my back, sciatica and NO core muscles! Aches, pains etc.  When I started O was concerned about not being able to do the exercises, being judged, and very worried about putting my back out.

Now I’m finding the classes enjoyable, I’m not feeling stupid and I feel accepted and listened to AND being taught PROPER Pilates!

As a result of regular classes, I have improved my core strength (although still have a long way to go), it’s nice having the time away from ‘life’ to concentrate on myself.

Kelly Wilkinson, 38

Bovey Tracey Newton Abbot

Before starting with Elite Pilates I was worried I would look stupid in front of everyone and be judged because of being overweight.The pilates studio is near to me. One year on I have great fun and have made friends with the group and the teachers! 😉 Now I don’t worry about coming to the group and the teacher adapts the moves/poses to accommodate everyone. I am now confident enough to come to the group on my own as everyone is so welcoming. I don’t worry about looking stupid anymore… I love it! I can come in after a stressful day and feel 100% better when I leave.

Julie Beech, 49


Before starting Pilates I was unable to exercise due to chronic pain following major surgery last November. I was concerned that I would find Pilates too difficult as I hadn’t done any before and didn’t want to make a fool out of myself. I’m a year in and it’s great fun. The teacher’s are really supportive and a great help ensuring you get the most out of each class. Seeing progress in yourself week after week is really satisfying. Pilates has improved my overall fitness and mental well-being. I really look forward to each class.
Linda Bell, 59


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