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Elite Reformer Classes are performed on our Pilates Reformer machine (this includes the Pilates Tower equipment). While we use lots of small equipment in our classes, the pilates reformer is a much larger piece of equipment. This machine designed by Joseph Pilates himself, will challenge you, your mind, and your body.   It doesn’t just make exercises harder and more challenging, in many instances it makes pilates moves more attainable. For this reason, the reformer machine is ideal for those with clinical issues.

Is Reformer better than Pilates?


The Reformer is very versatile and flexible to your specific needs. Performed on our state-of-the-art reformers, with the added resistance makes for greater strength, awareness, balance, mindfulness, and flexibility.

Elite is unique and unlike other pilates studios and schools – ELITE offers levels so you can rest assured that you are placed in the proper class.



Who Would Benefit from a Pilates Reformer & Tower Class?

Elite Pilates Reformer Classes are suitable for those who already attend Pilates classes, perhaps you are a bit bored with what you are or have been doing. Reformer classes offer a change, just in case you are feeling ‘stale’. Many many more and varied exercises on the reformer and the Pilates Tower are not to be found in the Pilates Mat Repertoire. You have no choice but to focus and concentrate (mindfulness) on this piece of equipment.  There is no way you can cheat!

What is the difference between Pilates and Reformer classes?


Our reformer classes only have 4 clients per class, which means you get much more attention and direction from your teacher.  In my words, an hour on the machine is like a week of mat pilates in one go!

Perhaps you have never tried Pilates – yes you can attend our classes if you have never even attended any Pilates classes – we at ELITE are a Pilates Reformer Teacher Training provider – we teach the teachers! You are safe and will be well looked after at our Pilates Studio.

What is a reformer exercise class?


If you have some special medical / clinical issues or have certain injuries and are rehabbing (and indeed pre-habbing) then the reformer and our teachers will look after you. The reformer is ideal for those with issues or problems in their body or indeed in their confidence.   Before booking into a class, please get in touch to discuss your needs to ensure your safety and wellbeing.




Reformer Class Pre-Requirements

Elite Pilates runs a Reformer & Tower Introductory course and once you have completed this you’ll be able to choose the membership most suitable and enjoy access to all the classes.

Are reformer classes good?


If you have had experience using these specialist machines before then you won’t need to do a beginners course / introductory course – however please note that all machines are slightly different so you’ll need to allow yourself some time at the beginning of the class to familiarise yourself with the settings 🙂

Or perhaps you would prefer our one-to-one sessions, tailored to your unique needs. This would include reformer and tower, and even finish the session with a short specific message to aid you in your aims. We highly recommend those dealing with pain issues, and those who’ve never tried Pilates to begin with one-on-one sessions.



If you’re interested in joining, please check out our dates of upcoming introductory classes here >>>

Alternatively, you can get in touch by ringing 01803 445436 or email





If you’re brand new to using this fabulous reformer machine then joining a beginner’s course will give you a great foundation, from which to grow your practice.

You will be introduced to all the pieces of the reformer and the machine and everything will be broken down so you can learn the names of each piece and how it works.

If you’d like to join us, we have several courses to choose from.

Saturday 22nd June – 10am

Saturday 6th July – 10am

Saturday 20th July – 10am

Is reformer Pilates ok for beginners?


Please note – these are specialist semi-private reformer classes and not a gym-style class full of people.  You will get individual attention and hands-on assistance through the class.

To book your space – click HERE and choose your preferred slot!


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Reformer Classes for Beginners  – Newton Abbot Torquay

Reformer classes for beginners by Elite Pilates based in Newton Abbot close to Torquay; Teignmouth; Bovey Tracey; Chudleigh; Kingsteignton; Kingskerswell; Exeter; Teignbridge Torbay; South Devon England UK. Small class sizes for beginners or advanced. Discover for yourself if:- Is Reformer better than Pilates? Is Reformer Pilates 3 times a week enough? How long does it take to learn Pilates reformer? Is Reformer or Tower better? What is a tower class in Pilates?


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