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Yoga Classes in Torquay Newton Abbot

Our yoga classes taking place in Newton Abbot, are not just classes.  They provide you with an opportunity to go on a journey of exploration inwards to discover who you REALLY are and how you can learn to adapt to all the challenges that we face, with more calmness and more acceptance.

There are many types of yoga Yin, Hatha…

The physical movement helps to introduce you to parts of YOU that may be hidden or even forgotten …  sometimes the body may resist and sometimes the body may give and there’s always a story hiding in these experiences.

What happens on your yoga mat is but a small reflection of what goes on in your whole life..

By connecting with all those parts of you, you’ll learn how to live a more soulful,  happier, and fulfilled life, no matter what curveballs life throws at you.

We teach Hatha Yoga fitness, which is like the Mother of all Yoga and I DO NOT teach fast flow.    I also teach Yin Yoga, which is a beautiful way to de-stress and introduce some stillness into your life and giving your connective tissues an opportunity to release tension, thereby improving your flexibility and mental wellbeing without forcing the body into positions that are unsafe and unhealthy.

Come on down to our studio and learn Yoga with me in Newton Abbot.

Love more, Live better, and Be happier


Yoga vs Pilates


At Elite Pilates Services, we provide both Pilates & Yoga sessions from beginner to expert level in our studio located in South Devon. But what are the main differences between these two great forms of exercises? I lay this out in the below video, have a listen and get in touch with any outstanding questions.

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