Do I have to be Flexible To be a Pilates Instructor?

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I Want to Become a Pilates Teacher – Do I NEED To Be Flexible?


Well you don’t have to touch your toes to do Pilates or indeed to become an instructor. What comes first the chicken or the egg…. that is, some say,y that by ‘doing’ pilates the result will be increased flexibility – more correctly perhaps, mobility and fluidity.

So Pilates will help some to become more flexible, although as with everything there is no guarantee.  In some schools a component of fitness is flexibility, so therefore it is a goal. But to say you have to be flexible or to even think you need to be flexible before you start your journey into pilates, is rather like saying…

” I can’t start to do any Fitness training until I have become ‘Fit’ “

And how does one become ‘fit’, by starting some sort of fitness regime!

So the short answer – NO you do not need to be flexible to do Pilates!

If you ‘do’ Pilates the result may very well be improved flexibility.

What Is The Goal Of Pilates?

Go ahead and google for the answer. Most – almost all – will list ‘the benefits of pilates , and NOT the goal of Pilates. For Joseph Pilates, the goal of Pilates was the mobility of the spine! The spine was king, primary the number one focus. Now you could argue semantics and say that if the mobility of the spine is increased, then doesn’t that just mean that flexibility has increased or improved. Yes

The goal of pilates is to move the spine. It would be lovely to already have a mobile, flexible spine. It is certainly;y, not a requirement that one has a flexible spine prior to starting your pilates journey. The result of doing pilates one would hope would be a more flexible spine.


Do I Need To Be Flexible to be a Pilates Teacher?


There is an old saying, “If you cant ‘do’ then teach.” In our training courses, we teach that you do not have to be able to do a movement, providing you can instruct others how to perform a movement.

Translated, this means, NO you do not have to be flexible to be a pilates instructor.


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