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Contact us now, and let us know what you are hoping to accomplish with Elite Pilates Studio.We are here to deliver solutions to your fitness needs. At Elite Pilates Services situated in Newton Abbot South Devon, we strive to deliver the best possible customer service.

Remember group Pilates class workouts for beginners or advanced are suitable, not ONLY for people with back ache. It helps a variety of ages and conditions from low back pain to Fybromyalgia, Osteoperosis and so many other ailments. A large number have been referred from their #NHS Dr.

A Pilates exercise class is not a miracle cure. You will feel a difference. Most of my clients notice within 5 weeks a tighter waist, less pain, more mobility flexibility and a better posture. And it only gets better from there on!

Our mission is to get people moving and we get great satisfaction knowing our clients are feeling fitter, stronger and more flexible than ever and a few of them have even started coming off or reduced their medication. Why not click on the link to find out a little bit about my fitness team, and myself of course:

Get moving and have fun! Below you’ll find contact details to help with any enquiry. Please select from one of the below option and connect with us NOW.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out, and connect with us. Lets do great work together!

Whilst I have included a landline telephone number we are very busy and rarely get to answer it. There is however a facility for leaving a message. However my preferred method is via e-mail. You are more than welcome to facebook message, but messages left on posts mean it is possible for some messages to get ‘lost’ within these posts. So go contact us NOW!

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