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Hello and welcome to my Pilates & Wellness Blog, well sort of…it is not just a Pilates blog but on all related topics including mentoring, coaching mindset etc.

It will eventually be packed with fun workouts, and usefull tips on how to safely exercise, lose weight, tone up those arms, thighs and butts, lose fat and help you smash your fitness goals.

There will be posts on coaching, mindset, mentoring, nutrition – tips on how to reach your ideal weight, lose belly fat etc. All aspects of Pilates including the roller, reformer machine, bands, the dreaded magic circle, small balls and other small torture equipment we use at the studio!

I hope you enjoy.

The Classical Pilates Mat Exercises Listed

So You Think Classical Pilates is for Girls? At Elite Pilates we have instructors who favour different approaches towards their style of instructing in Pilates. Paul prefers Josephs original style. For him, the Jewel in the Crown is the Classical mat work. So here is...

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Who Benefits From Pilates – Your Posture?

What Are the benefits of Pilates on Posture One frequent question that I get asked: is Pilates good for my posture? There are many benefits and good reasons for taking up Pilates. Even later in life, perhaps more so. Most notably it helps us to maintain what is...

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