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Studio Class Schedule Newton Abbot – PiYo Yoga or Pilates


Just check out our studio class schedule Newton Abbot – PIYO Yoga or Pilates. We have hassle FREE parking. Whether you want to get fitter and stronger and go crazy with a PIYO workout or slow it down and get involved in Yoga and Pilates…we have something for you!

If you are new to fitness and wellbeing and you really want to give it a try, but nervous about joining a class then our classes are perfect for you!

Here at Elite Pilates Services we specialise in helping complete newbies to get fitter and stronger in a safe and friendly environment where everyone is very supportive and welcoming.   We celebrate all your achievements together no matter how big or small after all an achievement is an achievement!

Most of our clients are women, but we do have a few brave men (who love the attention) who come to our classes….. so men… NO EXCUSES!

All of my Instructors have obtained a YMCA Diploma certified Pilates instructor training, and are qualified to teach group classes from beginners up to and including advanced Pilates. We also have fully accredited PIYO Instructors. So you can rest assured that you have professional and fully trained and certified instructors teaching you the Joseph Pilates method!


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Owner & Teacher
Fabulous Team at Elite Pilates Services
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Owner & Teacher