Pilates Studio & Yoga Studio (Newton Abbot) Class Schedule

Pilates & Yoga Studio Class Schedule


Here at Elite Pilates Services, we pride ourselves in helping YOU to MOVE BETTER & FEEL BETTER.

Your body is not like anyone else’s and we certainly don’t expect Instagram bunnies!  The sessions you attend are catered for REAL bodies with REAL issues.  (Boobs and Bellies included!).

There will be plenty of modifications and adaptations to offer you – to allow all the exercises to be accessible to you – so you won’t be expected to just sit there and wait.  Each person is catered for within the classes, which is why our classes are small and personal!

Many of our clients have improved their quality of life after joining us whether that’s to overcome sciatica, recover from hip replacements, improve mobility and joint movement or whatever the case may be.. or to just feel younger!

Both Pilates & Yoga are excellent for helping you to feel fitter and stronger and better than you’ve been, not only physically but mentally too!

There’s plenty to choose from and we’ll soon be adding more beginner classes to the timetable!  Click HERE for more info!

Don’t worry if you’re new or anxious about coming to a new place!  We were all once new and everyone will welcome you with open arms.

Most of our clients are women, but we do have a few brave men (who love the attention) who come to our classes….. so men… NO EXCUSES!  (After all Joseph Pilates….was a man!)

Tanja Foy
Owner & Teacher
Fabulous Team at Elite Pilates Services
Paul Foy
Owner & Teacher
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